Emesent of Rock Robotic?

Hi, my name is Wataru, living in Japan doing survey and construction for business.
I have bought Hovermap of Emesent Co. intended to use it for scanning in the forest.
Where I live is in Tokyo and have very steep mountains with forests, and so I intended to use it for land survey before load construction.

And now i have known about Rock robotic and it’s Lidar system.
I know its hard for me to buy one in Japan since there is no dealers, but because we dont have good lidar system in Japan and everyone is using DJI L1, survey accuracy of Rock robotic products is my interest.

Is there anyone who have tried both Hovermap and Rock robotic product for business?
Is there any chance to try Rock robotic products in Japan?

Thank you to read till the end.


I have worked with Emesent and processed in Rock Robotic. I am also a sales rep for Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems. We have some demo units from Emesent we were trying to move. You would still need to subscribe to their software service. The system works great as a handheld or attached to a drone. You need something the size of M300 to fly it.
If you would like to discuss further, let me know.

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