Dual Gimbal P1/R2A

Can the dual gimbal for the m300 be used to carry the P1 and the R2A?
I’d like to try to knock out 2 birds with one flight.

Untested by me, but there is no physical reason that it shouldn’t work.

I have done a similar test with an M210 using an x4s and the R2A which worked fine. Obvious hit to flight time, but results were good.

1kg (R2A) + .8kg (P1) is well under the 2.7kg payload capacity of the M300.

Other considerations:

Most likely you’ll be planning a mission for the P1 and not the R2A as it is a DJI gimbal and the R2A is a dummy sensor. Therefore it would be wise to think about field of view and which lens to use to suitably accommodate both sensors. The R2A’s a5100 camera uses a 18mm lens.

Be sure to do a CG calibration prior to mission as you are adding a fair bit of extra payload weight and it could cause undesirable results if you don’t.

Is the 24mp image from the a5100 not suitable enough for your desired output? All of the Ortho’s that I’ve gotten from the R2A are pretty good (all NADIR photos obviously). No facade photos, but who needs those when you have a survery grade LiDAR point cloud. Most are just looking for a 2D ortho to accompany their deliverables anyway.