Drone Surveying Courses/Training

Hi Everyone! I’m new to LiDar and Drone Surveying. I’m interested in learning more and taking some formal courses or training certifications. I’d greatly appreciate any suggestions about how I can learn more about LiDar and Drone Surveying. Thank you in advance!

How new?

I would recommend spending time learning the art of terrestrial survey, Understand the how and why’s of survey, and its impacts to our land use planning, economy and civil property rights.

I would then spend time learning about file types, typical software suites and end use scenarios for the typical data you wish to capture/harvest, and how to best present that data for consumption.

Are you part of a team? What is your flight experience like? Do you have your local engineers and/or surveyors and/or developers etc. asking for these files?

Once you find your niche and learn what the landscape looks like, you will be successful.

The internet is your friend.

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@FlyingRadioWaves thank you for your response and advice. I’m completely new to surveying and moderately experienced with flying. I’ll start with the foundations of surveying as you suggested. Thanks again!

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