Drone Insurance

Does anyone have an insurer that they can recommend for drone liability and hull coverage?

Shop around.

We contacted our “normal” insurer for RPAS insurance. Nothing crazy to insure, just a Phantom… and they wanted over $2,000 per year! I laughed so hard, I fell off my chair, and then I cancelled all my insurance with them.
Saved much money.

As I shopped around, I found Air 1 insurance (out of Pitt Meadows, BC). As an aviation insurance broker, they completely understood my needs and provided the appropriate underwriting. As my fleet of birds has grown, they grow with me. All at reasonable rates.

Don’t get hull replacement insurance… in my experience, you end up paying too much for nothing, and typically, if we are having a serious conversation, your bird probably needed replacement anyways.

Don’t be afraid to offer them ALL your insurance needs. They are competitive with each other. Lets the sharks frenzy!

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Thanks for the advice. I figured someone would have some helpful tips!

Just an FYI, I checked with air1 insurance for drone coverage. They don’t insure any companies in the United States? Possibly their area of coverage has changed?

Here’s the carrier we list on our site! Drone and UAV Insurance Application - MFE Insurance Brokerage

Thanks Daniel. That is who I currently have and they are very good. I’ve just never checked with anyone else and wanted to compare them to another firm?

We use a local group that has a lot of experience with farming just because we do a lot of crop dusting with our drones and it can get a little scary with insurance companies that don’t know what they are doing. If that wasn’t the case I’d say follow FlyingRadioWaves advice, its on par with what I have found!