Do you think Rock R360 LiDAR will work with the new Inspire 3 RTK?

The Inspire 3 has just been released by DJI. I know it’s early on - but given that RTK will be available, would I be able to connect the R360 to the Inspire 3 and get the same results as say the Matrice?

I ask because I am into video/photography, but have also considered purchasing a Rock Robotic LiDAR system.

I figure if I’m able to buy a two in one drone (a fantastic cinema drone that can also carry an R360 system), I will be able to save a lot of money instead of having to purchase an Inspire & a Matrice.

Thank you for your help!!

Is the sensor interchangeable? I haven’t seen a max weight yet but those are the two big questions

Seems like it would be a downgrade from the M300. Shorter flight time and 17k for the unit!

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I agree, the Inspire 3 would be a downgrade from the m300.

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