DJI Pilot Limitations

Has anyone else in here experienced issues with DJI Pilot and the controller/drone disconnecting with the M300. My topo is 260 acres and due to tree density limitations my take off point is approximately 4000 feet from the start point. Only good clear safe take off point. I Lost connection and drone returned home, this happened twice and moved a bit closer to the start point. So I moved directly below the start point l, after take off and continued to experience the disconnection between controller and drone. Scary as hell as the drone went home for a third time. I decided not to tempt fate and packed up for the day. I’ve got a new plan for tomorrow but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced these type of issues. Seems like this is a glitch within DJI Pilot and limitations of the software.

Do you have your distance limit set correctly?
Antenna orientation… must be “up”, not collapsed against the RC.

This happens in wide open areas also?

I am having frustrations too… Sigh.

Another idea I had… did you fly this same mission with a different drone?
If you get the same/different results, you will know if it is the machine, the location or pilot.

I did not have the distance limit setup correctly. Thanks for the tip. I forgot to adjust that setting. I did get the project finished yesterday. The limit based on tree density was right around 3000-3200 feet before I lost connection. I didn’t want to make two flights so I got had to move back and forth on the project site to keep the controller within the proper range. Changing the distance limit may have changed that. I’ll find out on the next one.

Another good point, I didn’t fly my P4RTK due to tree coverage. Fight would have been pointless And due to FAA height limitations I couldn’t get high enough to make it work.

Also make sure the controller is pointed at the M300 for maximum range. It helps a lot.
But I’ve still had similar issues in thick forest

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that is a constant issue with dense forest land tracts we fly. the main cause is the frequency the radio is operating on (2.4 or 5.8). radios operating at, for example, 900mHZ, goes right thru trees no problem.

THIS is the main issue I have with DJI’s radios. The option to operate on lower frequencies would be a game changer!!! We came very close to purchasing a different drone platform…just b/c their radios are at 900 and trees are not an issue.

Rumor has it that Freefly’s newest drone will have this lower frequency option, along with the usual ones. Just waiting on RR (Matt) to put his test drone he’s getting to the ringer…

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