DJI M350 & DJI Pilot 2: Smoother Turning

Hi Rock Community,

Anyone aware of a flight setting in DJI Pilot 2 that ‘smooths’ or ‘curves’ turns made during automated flights? Right now my default settings are allowing for quick/abrupt/sharp turns which isn’t ideal. also happens when flying manually flying forward, then transitioning into a turn. I’ve worked with many other DJI drones in the past. It was when I switched to the M350 I started experiencing these issues.

Any suggestions?

Thank you Rock Community!

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I changed to Map Pilot… way smoother controls, easier flight profiles, no abruptness in the manoeuvres.

Before I made the switch, the Pilot app was so rough on my bird it almost ripped off the payload.


Hello @Russ . Under your flight controller settings in DJI Pilot 2 there should be an option to turn on “Coordinated Turn” . This should switch the drone’s flight behavior to go into the turn.


Thank you Jared. This is only for when flying manually, correct?

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Yes sir, this should help the turns during manual flight. I’m researching on any options to slow the braking speed and allow for smoother and less abrupt turning.

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It looks like there also is the setting, ‘center of gravity auto calibration’. says it can be used when a heavier load is attached to the aircraft. I wonder if doing this calibration with the lidar sensor attached while hovering before the mission may help with overall flight quality.

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Calibration helps quite a bit. I always perform this step when switching between the P1/H20T and the R3Pro.

The coordinated turn will also smooth out the missions in Pilot 2, it starts to turn a second early and will perform a banked turn to hit the next path.

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Reduced braking? You mean it does not come to an abrupt halt at the slightest movement of the stick??

If you figure that out, well, that’s worth a few beers!

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