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Hi everyone,

I will quickly start off by saying I am completely new to LIDAR processing. Currently, my company has a DJI M300 + Zenmuse L1 which we plan on using for our LIDAR projects. Since we have an L1, we are forced to use DJI Terra. Currently we are able to do so and get a nice .LAS file from the program.

Anyways, we are looking to use ROCK Cloud to handle all of our LIDAR projects. But today when we tried importing our first project, we are running into some issues. Here’s the issue we have noticed:

  • Prior to processing the raw data through Terra, we have a few options to select. By default, Terra selects WGS 84 as the “Known Coordinate System”. When we process like this, the data will not properly import into the ROCK cloud (it only shows a single point cloud line). However, we have found if we select “Arbitrary Coordinate System”, we can then import into the ROCK cloud. Can anyone explain further what this means for us and if we are doing this correctly. NOTE: Currently we have only tried the default WGS 84 and we know this will not import correctly into the ROCK Cloud. Any help is appreciated.

  • The only other issue we see currently is when we have an project open in the ROCK cloud, I do not think it is classifying items (like trees, ground, etc.). Is there a special process to creating classification? Our goal is to be able to remove vegetation for demonstrative purposes.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

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