Display contours on the Rock Cloud

Ordering the Rock Surveyor package gives you contour deliverables. You can see those contours in the cloud by selecting the layers icon:

Selecting the down arrow next to your project name:

And then toggling the contours from low to high:


It is often easier to see the contour lines when you ‘Show Ground Only’:


You can also download your contour deliverables by clicking the ‘Deliverables’ link on the left menu:

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Is there any way to add another format to the deliverables? I want to be able to share a cad format like dwg or dxf of the contours created without having to perform extra steps locally.

@smf Do you have a preference between dxf or dwg?

Either format would work. DWG is native to AutoCAD but DXF is more universal and might benefit a larger user base.

I’ll add a ticket for the development team now!

Thank you for the feedback!

I see that the DXF format was added under the export “rock surveyor vector shapes”.
Thanks for the add. This helps get all the data we need into our BIM pipeline.

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These guys work fast! Keep up the great suggestions!