Deleting the photos for further ortho processing

I was curious and have been thinking is there a way we can create a program/script that will delete the unneccesary photos from take off, calibration and landing. Try and use it like how we can select and remove in the paths portion of PCmaster. But instead we have it remove those photos from the camera folder. It would make a much smoother workflow for further processing in other softwares like Pix4Dmapper.

If anyone has suggestions I would greatly appreciate it. Just trying to think of an easier way to get rid of the unneccesary photos.

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Good Day! And welcome to the community!

I like your idea of a program script to remove unwanted photos. Currently, I complete this task by hand and it typically takes about 90 seconds to remove all the photos. The more times I edit, the easier it gets for me to learn what to keep/remove, although the “mistakes” are sometimes frustrating.

An issue I see is the different missions will all have different “bad” photos, especially if you have a very long transit between your LZ and where your drone left off on a multi-battery survey. Sometimes it might be 20 photos to delete, sometimes 5, sometimes 40!!

If we could get the photo trigger points on a graphic and simply cut out the photos like the bad paths in PC Master, that would be the bomb!

I just think that would be the easiest solution for everyone. What do you use to create your orthos? we are running P4Dmapper and I hate blindly deleting photos.

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I use Propeller and MapsMadeEasy.

There are curve balls with each software platform.

I only load imagery after I understand what I have created/eliminated.

Maybe one day Rock will have an ortho maker.

I agree that this would be a great feature. These photos degrade the colour and increase the processing time for PC Painter, and any other software you use afterwards.

Typically, I delete the obvious photos manually. There will always be a few at the start and end of your flight, and then some additional photos in the middle if you do a battery swap. I like to do this before running PC Painter. I always miss some photos doing it this way though.

For orthos we typically use Pix4Dmapper, and it’s a pain to remove photos once they’re loaded in. You can really only delete them after the first step. Sometimes there’s 100’s of extra photos though, which just further increases processing time.

We’ve been testing Correlator3D (made by simactive) lately, and they actually have a really nice tool to delete the unnecessary photos/flight lines.