Data Processing stuck?

So I’ve been playing around with my first project in Rock Cloud, I’m getting the hang of it with some minor mishaps (GCP uploading a few times, translating and whatnot) and I am sure I haven’t hit “save” when I needed to a few times. I might not have noticed the “processing queued” statement a time or two before initiating some changes.

All that being said, I’ve got the data where I want it now and am ready to order the ROCK Surveyor package but it has a note on it to “Update Data to Order” and then the window below pops up (“Please wait for processing to complete before ordering. Thank you.”).

It doesn’t look like anything is processing or queued, so I am quite sure I messed something up, but is there a way to get this unstuck?

It could be any of the things that you mentioned above. Re-projecting (you should do this before you order your ROCK Surveyor, because you can’t do it after without repurchasing), adding GCPs, basically anything you do to update your dataset may take a few minutes to process. Be patient, and if it still is giving you this warning after a while, go ahead and just recreate the project and go step by step to isolate what triggers the processing queued message.

If you discovered a bug please document it for us so we can address it. Thank you!

I ended up creating a new project and got it all squared away. Thanks guys.