Data collection error?


Any ideas why all these would be 0 kb? Everything was normal about this flight. I couldn’t process this R360 data in PCMaster. The data folder has 39 .data files.

Hi, Tom!

It looks like not all the data needed to process the point cloud in showing in that Project folder. Did you follow all of the steps in this article to transfer the data from your USB to your processing computer and also transfer the Rinex Data to your processing computer? If this doesn’t help solve your problem, please email with details of the flight and steps you took so we can assist you.

The screenshot was from the USB stick straight out of the R360.

Are the data folders also 0kb? If they all contain data, you should be able to recreate the .pcmp and .pcmp files pretty easily.

Open PCMaster, and create a new project. There should only be a couple small differences in doing it this way (ie. changing the Yaw to 180°).

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Welcome Tom,
we have had this issue before and traced it back to not properly calibrating the Drone at start. It’s a flight issue. We have had to re-fly.

Definitely try this first. @Tom

Thanks everyone! Got this sorted with Alternate Pre-Processing.

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In case anyone else is looking for the Alternate Pre-Processing method, you can find it in this ROCK article!

Glad to hear that worked for you, Tom!