Cycling between Connected and Not Connecting

I see the RTK connection cycle back and forth between Connected and Not Connecting during use.

Screenshot example:

This is the same with two different RC and M3E (backup M3E and testing replacement primary M3E from DJI). Also tried using AT&T Netgear hotspot, AT&T iPhone 13, or T-Mobile iPhone 11.

The first time was on Sunday in the field ~10km away from base AZ6C4D.

I noticed it again yesterday after updating the M3E firmware on both aircraft - at the same physical location as base AZ6C4D, using my office Wi-Fi.

@HawkView It looks like this base has a wifi connection that is sub-optimal. This is likely the cause of the issue that you are seeing. Can you move the base closer to a wifi access point, or otherwise increase the signal to the base?

Too close, maybe?

I can’t tell, but is the antenna installed? If so, yes, it may be a bit too close and getting some electrical interference. If you can give it a couple of feet, that would be better.

I solved the mystery while updating my two M3E systems tonight.

If you have two drones connected to the ROCK Network simultaneously while logged in with the same account, it appears that the server will oscillate back and forth between the drones.

In the desert summer heat, I frequently switch between the two drones to allow each of them to cool down on larger projects. Occasionally, I may have both drones powered on - one in the air and one on the ground. That doesn’t happen often, so the issue appeared to be intermittent.

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@HawkView Yes, one RTK account is good for 1 usage at a time.