Creating missing PCPainter File

There may be an easier way, but we had a system crash at some point during the landing process (images stopped about 1/2 during descent). We recreated the PCMaster file easy enough with a quick Find/Replace from a previous file. The PCPainter file however is specific to hundreds of images named by date and time. We used excel to recreate the ,photo path… section.

Basically you do a directory listing of the camera folder and concat the beginning and ending and past back into the pcpainter file. Attached

are images of what we did.

I am sure there is some command from PCPainter that would have done this automatically as well but support/chat was not online so I made do and may help someone in a pinch.

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@iaerobotics I’m glad you were able to get unstuck. Can you send your service.log and Unpacking Report file to from that flight?

I can send the unpacking, but there was no service.log file. Only a data folder for that flight.

@Alex I had something similar go down tonight. Spent the last few hours fighting through it but it looks like PCMaster was putting spaces in between several of the values, and then just crapped out writting the list of images and left out the closing and subsequent sections. For example, it wrote path = "camera… for all 700+ images. And for future reference for anyone else, I used Notepad++ and recorded a macro making repetitive edits for the first 50 lines and then just re ran that through the project, then scraped the offsets from the .pcmp PPK file and serial number from a previous project’s .pcpp file.