Creating missing PCPainter File

There may be an easier way, but we had a system crash at some point during the landing process (images stopped about 1/2 during descent). We recreated the PCMaster file easy enough with a quick Find/Replace from a previous file. The PCPainter file however is specific to hundreds of images named by date and time. We used excel to recreate the ,photo path… section.

Basically you do a directory listing of the camera folder and concat the beginning and ending and past back into the pcpainter file. Attached

are images of what we did.

I am sure there is some command from PCPainter that would have done this automatically as well but support/chat was not online so I made do and may help someone in a pinch.

@iaerobotics I’m glad you were able to get unstuck. Can you send your service.log and Unpacking Report file to from that flight?

I can send the unpacking, but there was no service.log file. Only a data folder for that flight.