Craig Garth - City of Hobart

I probably should have started here, hey everyone. I am the Chief Remote Pilot (CRP) of the City of Hobart in Tasmania, Australia. Also known as the Hobart City Council. We have been running a drone program here since 2018 and have worked our way up from a concept with a Mavic Pro to a great selection of platforms and sensors from Mavic’s, a M300 (love that drone) to Wingtra and in the future Skydio and maybe a M30 for our fire crews.

I have been in IT for most of my life and 20+ years here but now full time drone pilot and learning the ways of the GIS and Surveying skill sets, just enough to assist when capturing and processing for creating correct data.

I did my first R2A flight last week as a practice and looks like I have actually/maybe done it correctly. I have a colourised point cloud and I have it processing on the cloud as I type this.

I look forward to sharing with you all what we do with this unit and also excuse my excessive questioning :smile:

Have a great day and Rock On!


We are so glad you are here and look forward to working with you, Craig!

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This is a great place to discuss ideas, troubleshoot and share some stories!

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