Could going too slow decrease accuracy?

I just talked to a guy that said all LiDAR accuracy has a drift/slippage over time. Got me wondering if my intentions of going really slow to capture a property in great detail and accuracy might actually not be as accurate due to the time the drone is taking to complete the mission?

Is there any drift/slippage on the R3Pro that we need to take into account when focusing on the most accurate data?

Hi @KMD ! What speed are you currently conducting your LiDAR missions at? Drift is a valid concern when doing LiDAR collections but when collecting this type of data aerially the high speed calibration and figure 8 flights help alleviate drift. We’ll typically fly 3 - 4 m/s at 40 - 50 meters with excellent results for survey grade topography.

I that’s in my range. I was doing an 80 acre property at 3 m/s. Having some issues matching up with known survey points.