Corridor Mapping logistics

I have the opportunity to bid on a job that would require a lidar survey of a straight line corridor (only 15m wide necessary, but approximately 19km long. The area is DENSE forest and the nearest road that runs parallel to the corridor is between 2 and 5km away. There will be basically no way to get control points along the corridor as there aren’t any clearings or breaks in the trees.
Is there a way to accomplish this in a single line? (With battery swaps etc.)
If theoretically I could get approved for BVLOS and perhaps a higher altitude, what are the chances of maintaining connection with the M300 at the maximum distance?
What issues will there be with accuracy?

@DroneCanada FWIW the optimal altitude for accuracy is 50-60m. The accuracy will go down as you get higher.

As far as M300 connection… the usable range will go down significantly when the controller doesn’t have line-of-sight. If you are down on the forest floor with trees all around, then you will have less range than if you are perched up high with clear line of sight.

If you can parallel the flight path with the road it would certainly be possible, but definitely would require some logistics and pre planning. Without knowing the exact terrain it’s tough to make recommendations.

My suggestion would be to get very familiar with UgCS as it is likely the only way to do this effectively with the M300.

I had similar situation where my M300 disconnected at about 1000 m away due to the thick trees:
Chad Fabre, PE on LinkedIn: #M300 | 18 comments.

I was able to move to a different launch point that was midway along the area, instead of all the way at the end. It worked, but it was a tense 30 minutes.