Computer Recommendations

I’m finishing up a large project, and after hours of waiting I’m looking to speed up my processing time in the near future. Right now I’m on a dell XPS 32g ram i7 1tb storage. What specs/components improve Rock Cloud processing time (and upload/download)? Or am I being held back by internet speeds? I don’t know a whole lot about computer configurations.


Hey Nick!

Yeah, you are right that your internet speed is where you will see the most speed improvements for upload and download.

For processing, you can order expedited and speed up the QC/QA and thus get deliverables back faster.

You can speed up PCMaster / Batch processor by saving the GNSS antenna lever arm offset on your hardware. This will really speed up the pre-processing time as the first guess of the lever arm will be very close to the true value

Check out the article

Hope those few tricks help!

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