Comparing with .dtm files

I have a client who only has .dtm files they want to compare with LiDAR point cloud data or from one of the Surveyor/Contour deliverables (.shp, dem.tif). I wonder how you would convert the .dtm files into something usable to compare with point cloud/surface/dem data. Any ideas?

Is their DTM file a point grid? You could export a point grid from ROCK Surveyor or you could use the DEM and compare. You could also convert the points to a CSV and format it and add to ROCK Cloud.

Here is a link to the DTM files. I’ve asked the client if the DTM file is a point grid. is there any conversion software out there that would be able to depict if it is a point grid or surface? also, I would imagine they would also need to provide me the X,Y & Z coordinate systems. Unless that info is saved somewhere within the file structure. Let me know if you have a chance to look, would be greatly appreciated!