Colorizing Projects when ppk.pcpp file not created

From time to time our unit will stop recording before we land and can stop/shutdown normally. In some cases this happens near the end of the flight and the data we need was fully captured. We can use PCMaster to create anew project and process the cloud, but when trying to do the same with PCPainter, the colorization fails miserably. It finds the trajectory fil and images and cloud fine and develops a colorized version but it just looks like static and is not lined up at all.

Is there a way to recreate a pccp file so that it will process normally?

I think I figured it out. After you have PCPainter create the pcpp file you have to edit it and put the rotations in from the PCMaster file.

Hi @iaerobotics have a look at Why don't I have any ppk.pcmp or ppk.pcpp files in my project folder?

Thanks - that’s how I addressed it.

As for why, that’s still an unknown. Last thought was thermal issue by Matt? The latest firmware was supposed to capture more data to see why but didn’t seem to help any =\

Seems to happen much less often in the winter so may have to rma it this summer if it gets much worse.

Are you also turning off your WiFi of your PDA or whatever you used to start the unit? As the R2A is flying around it is constantly broadcasting and if your device is trying to reconnect constantly it has been known to sometimes cause an issue. It has to do with the WiFi module being buried in the kernel of the device so deeply that it can sometimes trigger a force stop.

Simple answer. Turn off your PDA’s WiFi after you hit start and turn it back on when you land to stop/shutdown the unit.

Yes we shut wifi off after we hear images start snapping. And when it fails it doesn’t stop the unit - when it comes back it’s still spinning (can an hear it spinning) and you can reconnect to wifi fine we just get the server unavailable error from the browser and not able to get the full status screen to stop/shutdown.

We have had better luck not going more than 1 battery change between shutdowns but still happens sometimes even on a single 5 minute scan.

Hopefully a future upgrade will fix it or at least change logging so they can figure out what software issue is causing it.

Indeed. I haven’t heard of this issue from anyone else. Go ahead and keep tabs on it. If you wouldn’t mind capture and share to us any of these datasets so we can further diagnose this behavior.

I uploaded one in December after the latest firmware update and shared with Matt and Harrison.