Colorized point cloud misaligned

After aligning the pictures with the point cloud in Painter I still get a misaligned color on the cloud? Everything looks good in Pix4D though after writing the Exif data to the pictures.

This is in PC Painter

Cloud Compare

Did you ever figure out what is happening? i flew a job yesterday and i see some of the same things going on. but its only on part of the job. i had 2 flight paths on my corridor and i cant tell quite what is going on, and i find it strange that only a portion of the photos are doing this.

Not yet

I was hoping someone would have answer for it.

My guess is that the position solution for the unit was poor in those areas. Either RTK link loss or poor reconstruction of the flight trajectory in PPK mode. Can you reprocess in PPK mode and try again?

If this was over the entire project, the unit should be recalibrated or “boresighted” to have fixed angular offsets, but if it’s only in one area, that likely points to a trajectory accuracy problem.

@EWSUsurveyor If this was over an area during take-off and landing that could cause a slight misalignment. The colorization process isn’t really an indication that you have a bad trajectory.

No, I was about 500 to 600 feet away from my take off and landing location. I use PPK to process all of my projects. Like Alex said if it was bad trajectory, then my original point could would have issues as well.

If these photos in question are from a part of the collection where the aircraft was turning it could cause the photos to be slightly skewed simply due to the nature of the angle.

When I do a camera calibration I only will use photos from a straight line segment of my flights for the best results. The above images could be indicative of photos taken on turns or when the aircraft is jostling due to variable conditions.

There lies the problem, the camera took two pictures as it turned the corner for the next flight line.
Thanks for the help, Matt.

You bet. As long as there is enough overlap from other photos you can eliminate photos at will and the point cloud will still be colorized.