Colorized and Lidar point cloud doesn't match


I came across something when I was aligning my GCPs. I noticed when I change views from RGB to Intensity view, it does not align. I know the Rock Tutorial says to align GCPs using intensity view which I did, but why doesn’t the RGB align perfectly to the intensity view? Is there a way to have them aligned?

In your views the save button is red, maybe save it?

Likely this is from the camera alignment. The LiDAR is bore-sighted at the factory as is the camera, but there is always more tweaking/tightening of alignment that can be done.

I’d recommend checking out this video for a little more insight into camera alignment. Be sure to record your original values so you can revert back if need be.

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Ok. My R2A is out of alignment. I don’t know how, but I am going to point my fingers at constant vibration from various mounting etc. has knocked it out.
Besides dropping the camera or using it as a dog toy, how much vibration can the R2A handle? I use my R2A for both ground and air scanning. Would the vibration of a slow moving vehicle (<1.5m/s on asphalt) knock it out?

How far is too far for adjustment? Are we talking inches (mm) or feet (meters)? I am currently adjusting “feet” to get things aligned. Or I could be doing it all wrong?

Moving on, the very short video on PC Painter needs to be elaborated on. It is very much like learning to drive a standard automobile… all the video does is show us the clutch and a few quick gear changes. I would really like to see some practical examples worked through.

Please and thank you. The better aligned the images are, the happier my model is… the better it is for the client!

@FlyingRadioWaves we are working on a more elaborate boresighting document / video. But, the good news is that you can always boresight after collecting the data. Your R2A doesn’t need to be perfectly aligned at data acquisition time.

I’ve had success (and some frustration) figuring this out on my own…
Any education from the “experts” will be well received.

For anyone wondering about the difficulty level on completing this task should not worry. Once you play with the variables a few times and see the effects in processing, you will get closer and closer.