Collecting GCP's with only one rs2?

So I went out and did a scan. I decided to mark the property stakes with GCP’s. My only issue is I don’t have a rover. I just used the rs2 and walked marking each point, 10 second collection time and adjusting the base height for each point.

Well after uploading GCP’s to scan, the x,y location looked good. The z however was off by a meter.
Does anyone have a good workflow for this?

is it just the wrong rod height for your point captured in reachview?

I really don’t know. I moved from the 1st point, (used when flying) and at second point I measured the height of rs2 from base, entered in app and measured point. Repeated process for rest of points. The only thing I can think to do would be to keep pole height same for all GCP’s and see if that works better.

@smf The purpose of a Base + Rover configuration is to send RTK corrections from the Base to the Rover.

Without sending the corrections from the base, each ‘Rover’ GCP will need to stay stationary for 2+ hours in order to use OPUS to receive GNSS corrections. Otherwise, the accuracy of an uncorrected 10 second collection is…not great.

Can you do a ~15minute collection and run a rapid OPUS solution without sacrificing too much accuracy?