Cloud UI Feature Request

So I’m coming to the Rock Cloud from LP360 and one thing I REALLY like about that software is the ability to draw profiles and see your GCPs within the profile. Pretty standard stuff to be able to QC your vertical. What I’m hoping for here is the ability to see an enlarged, colored point for the GCP value when I draw a profile over it. Since the Cloud requires you to make transformations prior to processing data, it would be ideal to be able to check this vertically first. I also REALLY appreciate the ability to perform XYZ adjustments on the fly in the cloud, this missing link between the two work flows would help me further transition away from LP360.

The other part that makes it difficult to QC those GCPs is the black labels. Can we get a higher offset of the label from the point? Sometimes it’s just too close and makes it harder than I feel it should be when trying to tighten things up on a target. There’s also one other weird thing that happens, the labels of other GCPs, when in line with the GCP point, cover up the point itself. Is there a way to set priority to the GCP point and label closest to the viewer’s position? In the attached image, Panel 3 is 2ft in front of me and I’m trying to QC it, but the point AND label are being blocked by ones 0.75mi away.

Screenshot - GPC and Label Blocked

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Yes Please!! I would love this feature to be added. The labels are too large and always block what I am trying to look at.
I would like the ability to custom turn on

  • Point Numbers
  • Point X data only, or Y data only, or Z data only, or all three
  • Priority display or non-priority display.
  • This would be nice for all the measurements.

This is what I’m talking about fellas… Lets figure out the best aerial target for the R2A also! That’s top of my list.

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Thank you for the feedback!

First change just deployed to address part of this. The GCP labels now display on hover. All other times they are hidden. Let me know your thoughts.

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This is awesome. Thanks! I have had trouble with this too.