Can I tell if anyone is using submitted data?

Is there any way to tell if my submitted data is being actively used? My local area is seeing a lot of drone and surface surveying lately so curious if my data is being consumed?

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Hi @cyberhiker ! Thanks for the question. Right now there isn’t a way to see if data is being downloaded or consumed. We’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes!

OK - I did just learn that my whole state is already covered by a free CORS that can be accessed via a free registration. It also appears that neighboring state DOTs also make their CORS data accessible. What is the business value of an independent CORS network like RockCloud / Geodnet if the data is already being made available for free?

Hi @cyberhiker independent CORS networks may have base stations closer to your project site to allow for more accurate processing. Also, if any of the base stations or CORS networks within your state pull data from government operated (NOAA, NGS, etc) base stations, those run the risks of going offline during government shutdowns. Base stations like the Rock Base also run on triple band GNSS whereas a lot of CORS base stations may only run on double band (L1/L2) GNSS.