Camera not recognized

Having issues with the R2A not always recognizing the camera when it starts up even after the camera is clicked a couple times? This error seems random and happened with my R2 originally prior to an upgrade the the NSA version. To resolve this I power off the R2A and then start it back. Within one or two reboots the software recognizes the camera and all is good. I would say this happens about 1/3 of my project starts. Keeps me on my toes to ensure the camera is not just clicking a couple times when powered but is recognized in the app also. If I fly with it not showing in the app I get no images, learned the hard way. Is anyone else having issue with getting their camera to be recognized by the R2A processor?

@gwalker we are looking into this. But, as a work-around, remove the usb drive before turning on the unit and then insert the usb stick after starting up. After re-inserting the usb stick you will have to wait a few seconds for the drive to be recognized.

We are testing to try and determine the potential cause for this issue. We have seen this issue in about 5% of our bench tests (relatively rare). We think it may have to do with how full the usb drive is at boot time … but that is still just a hypothesis.