Building / Architecture Scanning

Have a potential job where the scope of work is to scan a building and then go back in several months to scan it again. They are basically wanting to compare the two and be able to see any horizontal or vertical movements therein. I have the facade mount however to date haven’t ever really used it as most of our work has been survey style, looking straight down so have a few questions for anyone that has done this type of work before.

  1. would I need to set the scanner to repetitive or non-repetitive?
  2. I know that my flight path would be side to side but any other considerations beyond that?
  3. any tips and tricks that you have learned in processing a building like this. by the way it is a two story office building.
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I believe this is totally doable. I am not sure what you are using for mission planning or drone but you should plan the mission around a fake area to dial in your mission planning. We have a job like this coming up. We are committing most of our time planning the mission based on the site conditions and necessary FOV. We do not use DJI so if you fall in that boat, it is more about how to plan the mission. You should use the facade mount and try it. I am sure you will knock it out the park!

Repetitive. non repetitive is only for SLAM and is a little fuzzier.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the last while:

  • Don’t look into the sun while scanning. Time your flight to minimize or avoid direct sun exposure to the lidar sensor.
  • Don’t forget to set your lidar for facade mode (change your orientations in the menu).
  • How much experience do you have with manual flight? We do ALL our facade scanning by hand; we have yet to find a mission where autopilot can be trusted to fly sideways, through trees and around people and traffic,
  • Have a ground spotter for yourself (handy if you are in traffic, someone to push you out of the way of the bus)
  • I like to scan in circles, so I would make 3 passes for your two story building.
  • Be picky with your rgb photos when reviewing your files before processing. Try to get the ones with too much blue sky or smear or tilt out of your lineup.
  • Good luck!

sorry for the delay in response been busy year so far. We don’t use DJI either however looks like we are going to have to fly this mission manually. Reason being is that while QGroundControl does offer structure scan as an option it only supports this is you plan on flying all the way around the structure. To which this project is in a city square and we will only be capturing the East and North side of the building.

thanks for all of the great tips. We have found a test building that we are going to tomorrow to test things out on.

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Please post here if you can!