Break lines in "surveyor" options

Was looking at doing break lines through your program. Just clicking on the service popped up an “Enhanced Area” in the visualizer. “Enhanced Area” in the visualizer. Where can I find that part of the program.

Also on the Flood plain model is really good anyway of making that an deliverable? Based on a certain elevation?

To use enhanced area, draw an area with the area tool in the toolbar and then click the picture icon next to the area. Once you do that, make sure to save by clicking the red save icon.

For the flood plain model, whatcha thinking as far as deliverable? What would be useful?

Thanks, As far as the Flood map. Something like the RGB view top down, then setting the flood elevation, then exporting that as a tiff or JPEG. Just a thought, showed it to a client and they really liked it for a FEMA plan, but need to get it in a 2D print.

I would like to know more. Do you have any screenshots?