Big Question, what would a start up company look like exclusively doing Drone Scanning

I want to start a small company doing real estate, land, local government, etc… Surveying exclusively with this Rock Drone. in my area surveyors are backed up and using traditional equipment. I have a lot of experience in many different engineering disciplines, generating drawings does not intimidate me. However I’m not an engineer, I’ve worked at engineering companies as a CAD Drafter.

Aside from the Hardware and software, what level of state certifications would I need to start? Do I need an FAA License? NCEES Cert?

What are peoples experience / knowledge on a start-up or side business’s.

Yes, you need a part 107 certificate to fly commercial drone missions. What is your area?

I’m in the Savannah Georgia area.

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give me a call I’m in middle Georgia 478-952-3361

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Depending on your state law, you will need to be a licensed surveyor or risk being fined by the state board.