Best Drone to Mount the R1A

Between the M210 RTK v2 and the M300 RTK, which drone do you recommend to mount the R1A and why? What about real autonomy of both drones with the R1A, how long can be a flight?

Great Question! Right off the top, I am going to recommend the DJI M300 over the M210 RTK V2. That being said, we own several M210 V1 systems and operate the R1A on it all the time. My reasons for the M300 over the M210 RTK is:

  1. flight time - almost double the M210
  2. Stability: the M300 can handle much stronger high wind velocities
  3. Controller range : M300 does 15km and the M210 only does 8 km (even though you may not fly that far, this gives a more stable transmission at medium distances)
  4. M300 has top and bottom beacon lights. This really helps keep your sight on the aircraft in difficult environments.

And the big thing, Price. They are about the same price to each other. M300 is the way to go. Unless you already own an M210 V2.

M300 Specs:

  • Max Payload 2.7 kg
  • Flight time (35-40 min with R1A)
  • Max Wind Resistance 15 m/s
  • Max Transmitting Distance 15 km FCC
  • Obstacle Sensing Range Forward/Backward/Left/Right: 0.7-40m
  • Upward/Downward: 0.6-30m
  • Top and bottom auxiliary light

M210 V2 RTK Specs

  • Max Payload 1.45 kg
  • Flight time 15 min
  • Max Wind Resistance 12 m/s
  • Max transmitting distance 8 km FCC
  • Obstacle sensing range Forward 0.7-30m
  • Upward 0-5m
  • downward 10m

I have been watching some videos of M300 fly testing most of them with the H20T payload and they shows that flight time is around 31 to 35 min max with around 20% remaining battery, so when you say 35 to 40min is that something you have tested with the R1A? I believe R1A is heavier than the H20T min 23:00