Best Air Target Material for Clarity in Intensity View

What are people using for materials for checkerboard air targets to best be seen in the intensity image. From what I’ve seen it’s best to measure XY via the intensity vs the colored point cloud because the RGB might not match up perfectly with the LiDAR in the L1. So - Paint, fabric? What are people having luck with?

color is irrelevant in intensity view - it’s the material. for example road paint of any color is easy to see not just white or yellow. I just ordered some targets and will be adding material to it to see better in the coming days!

Yup, totally understand about the color. What I was hoping for was some recommendations for either type of reflective material used or type of paint that works well so we can make our own targets… or better yet - something that is on sale online specifically for lidar targets.


@JonEllinger check out What material should be used for your ground control points?