Battery Shipping - Remote Locations

I was curious what people are doing when presented with a project that is in a remote location and there is no way to airfreight the M300 batteries? My understanding is the M300 batteries cannot be on a passenger flight. So say you have to take a helicopter out to this project site. What are the options?

Are you asking about how to put M300 batteries on a helicopter?

Are you asking for alternative ways to move M300 batteries to remote locations?

I’d like to know the answer to the second question (how to transport on flights) if you have an answer please. Looking at M300…

FedEx Ground?
Or whatever courier company ships to where you are going.

We sent stuff via bus once… we never saw it again.

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Simple answer is you have to ship them. They cannot be carried onto flights. You might be able to do it if your TSA agent isn’t aware of the restrictions, but it’s usually not worth the risk.

We deal with this on a daily basis. Your options are:

  • Ground ship them to the site in a box by themselves

  • Overnight them to the site (Technically, you can ship the M300 with a set of batteries installed on the aircraft. You could also ship them inside the charging case, but that is not recommended from DJI as it can damage the battery contacts.

  • Take them on your flight as a carry on (I have yet to have a TSA agent tell me I can’t take my 18 TB48s batteries with me).

  • Drive to the project site with the batteries in your vehicle. This is what we do, as it’s the easiest and most of our projects are in the middle of nowhere.