Batch Processor Issue

Hello all,

Has anyone had any luck with the new Batch Processor? I continue to get the same error, see below. These flights run perfectly the old fashioned way, but I really want to get the batch processor up and running.

My hunch is that it’s trying to run PCMasterCL, while we typically run PCMasterGL, but can’t find any option to change it.

Screenshot 2022-09-08 145158

Have you updated to the latest PCMaster and PCPainter. The log message above is normal and using PCMasterCL is correct as well.

I have version 2.3.1. I just noticed that there’s another update though. I’ll try installing it and get back to you.

I’m still having the same issue. The batch processor seems to unpack the data fine and then immediately fails when it tries to resample the static data. Any ideas?

If the message is the same as you posted above, that is not a failure. It is running the trajectory processor in the background. Did you let it sit for some time?

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It says that it has completed with errors.

Can you open that log file it created and see the error?

The only error it shows is the one in the original post. The end of the log file just says ‘Converting - 100.0%’ about 50 times.