Auto Align Tool

When using the Auto Align tool to GCP’s does the project as whole move just vertically? Or lets say we have 3 points. Does the project rotate to align to anyone of the given points holding the the other 2 points?

Great question! The whole project moves vertically and horizontally. It is essentially filling in the values for the translate tool. There is no rotation or sticking to existing points.

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OK, thanks. Didn’t know if there was any value in adding more GCP’s to a project

No problem. I definitely think there is value in adding more if you order a deliverable like “ROCK Surveyor” and have GCPs. This will generate an Accuracy Report and you can judge the accuracy of the captured data/etc with the GCPs. With that information, you can move the point cloud according to the accuracy report, and export a translated pointcloud that is highly accurate spatially to the GCPs.

The auto align tool will get that point aligned with that gcp, but using the accuracy report you can move the whole project with the translate tool, the exact delta, etc.

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