Asking Guidance on Improving the Processing Efficiency of LiDAR Data

Hello Everyone :hugs:,

As I work on an endeavour that requires processing a lot of LiDAR data, I’m looking for tips on how to make my workflow as efficient as can.

I’m especially interested about your encounters with various software programmes or methods that have sped up data processing without sacrificing accuracy.

I have a few specific inquiries:

Software Recommendations: What are the best applications that you’ve noticed to process LiDAR data, particularly with big datasets? :thinking:

Workflow Tip: In order to reduce processing time without sacrificing data quality, what are a few standards that you adhere to? :thinking:

Hardware Factors: Have you noticed a noticeable increase in processing speed after you’ve upgraded RAM or processors? :thinking:

Automation and Scripting: In your workflow for processing LiDAR data, do you employ any scripts or technology for automation to speed up repetitive tasks? :thinking:

Data management: So as to allow better processing times, how do you arrange and manage your data? :thinking:

We would be grateful for any wisdom or lessons you have gained from your own efforts.

I also checked this :point_right:

Please feel free to discuss any difficulties you’ve experienced and how you overcame them. The information you provide will be very helpful to me as I work to improve the efficiency of how I process LiDAR data.

Thank you :pray: in advance.