Arbitrary Coordinate System

Does the Rock Cloud have the ability to use Arbitrary Coordinate System? The reason that I ask is did some work for a client and they laid the GCP’s out however they used a particular monument as the reference point instead of a State Plane. Thus the GCP’s didn’t show up correctly for me in the Rock Cloud. I went back to the customer and they then supplied me an OPUS corrected file for the GCP’s however the horizontal and vertical data that I was looking at was still off.
Asking if arbitrary coordinate system is available for use in the cloud as I know a lot of mines and older subdivisions use other methods than State Plane system. thanks for your help

We sure do! You just need it in a known coordinate system and arbitrary and we can move it. Here’s how: Custom Site Projection

Daniel having a couple issues. First the client gave me the measurement in (FTUS) however the only thing that I see for custom for horizontal is in FT. Second I see custom for horizontal however when I enter custom the same way for the vertical nothing comes up. Any ideas?

the vertical will be arbitrary based on the points. I think Ftus should work because I’ve done one that way myself. Just give it a try and if there’s an issue just let us know and we will troubleshoot it. It’s really just trying to tell it “ft or m” instead of a specific ft unit.

Still having issues it did move the points however they still aren’t showing up where I know the GCP’s were. I have one project where the GCP’s are too far to the right and now they are closer however not where they need to be.

Can you send in an email so we can make a ticket? Include the project URL.

There is no custom or abitrary vertical datum as far as I can see, but you need to select something if going from meters to feet. What should be selected here?

You can leave it blank