Anyone else having trouble since switching to Rock Desktop?

I’ve tried processing two different projects and when I uploaded to the cloud, it thought my data was in California. My projects are in Arkansas and Oklahoma.

I first tried to ignore the suggested utm zone 10 and plugged in my zone 15, but when I tried to use my first data set, I found it was not only in a vastly different location then it should have been, but it was also rotated, I guess because of the angular difference between zones 10 and 15.

I did fly the first sets of these projects with an out of date firmware on my R2A, but now it has finally been updated and things are going the same way.

So now… is the Emlid Base giving me bogus data? Is there just a glitch in the new software? I have no idea…

I am way over due for one of my projects and I have several other projects stacking up on me. I just need something to work… Is there anyway I can go back to PCMaster till these things are figured out?

@Jim.cornerstone do yo have this same issue if you don’t put a precise point into Rock Desktop?

And, yes, you can still use PCMaster.

Yes, I use a precise point each time.

I think I had to return the license for PCMaster, right, or no?
I had it setup on a different system. I can try it… this weekend.
I’m flying 4 more projects today.

@Jim.cornerstone yes you need to return your PCMaster license.

Let me know if this is still an issue if you leave the precise point within Rock Desktop as blank.