Alternate Mounting Options

I need to find a way to mount the R2A to my M300 for scanning entire buildings / structures. Powering it from a 4S battery is easy enough so I’m looking for some safe ways to mount it.
Is it better to mount facing “forward” and to fly the drone sideways in order to avoid the legs. Has anyone had any experience with this?

Photos would be great if you’ve come up with a good solution.

Funny that you mention that. We are within the final week or 2 of production for our Facade Mount that will do just that. No need for an additional battery, it will simply use an XT-60 jumper cable from the skyport to the R2A. If you want to get yours pre ordered please reach out to with your request and we’ll get you on the list.

Can it get here by Sept 18th? That’s when we need a solution to use.

You could mount your R2A on a vehicle… just saying. You only need to angle it slightly up to capture all the data you can’t see looking down.

We’ve had several success and a few fails.

Very interested to see what Rock Robotic has for the “facade mount”.

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I have figured out a vehicle mount as well. I’m planning on using that as much as possible. However the structure that I need to scan is right on the water and I wouldn’t be able to get far enough away along one side for full coverage.

We should chat about vehicle mounting and the trials/tribulations of processing that data!

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Is this the vehicle mount as well? It will allow vehicle and facade use or is it separate?

JUST emailed for pre-order request. Can’t wait for arrival. THANKS!!!