Alliance Surveying/NEW R2A delivered

worth the investment to travel to CO and spend a day w/Matt who provided full demo of 100 acre site, processing, deliverables, etc. after 3 months of deep-dive research, we chose Rockrobotic’s R2A and can’t be more excited.
couple more test flights and tweaking elevation/overlap (for our super dense vegetation/trees land tracts, and we’ll hit the ground running for LiDAR topos!!!
THANKS to Harrison (surprise jump-in on a conference call), David Song for guiding us thru the RR world and final step of Matt’s hands-on demo.


Thanks for the praise! It means a lot to know that we are making your jobs easier. Make sure you setup you ROCK Stars account so that we can check out some of your scans!

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Would like to know how things are going for you. We are a Engineering/surveying firm and have been using the Rock 2A for a little over a month. We have done several sites, from light vegetation to large 300 acre sites with light and heavy vegetation. The cloud data looks good but we are having trouble getting usable data into Civil3D. The ground classification deliverable tends to incorporate more low vegetation than expected. With the surface picking up random tops of bushes makes getting a usable surface difficult. I would like to see commands where we could extract actual points (*.txt) P,N,E,Z that we place in the cloud. It would also be helpful to create 3d line for export as well.

Agree, have been nothing but pleased with the support for the guys at rock. I made the same suggestion about a ground classification las file that we could work with in civil and tweak as needed. I was looking at some of the contours and they didnt flow as well as we would have liked. Again we are still learning and started out with a DJI L1 so we have more fuzz then maybe others.

@Tim any thoughts on this?

@mike-DRG it sounds like you want to be able to add break lines in the cloud and have those incorporate into the dem / contours? Is that right?

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last 2 sites were heavy vegetation, so we slowed speed down to 3.5m/s, overlap to 50%, 50-55m height AND double grid. getting enough ground points for topo… using UgCS and using terrain follow, so that helps, too.

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