Aircraft, Sensor & Software Pipeline Questions

Hi Rock Robotic!
Cool stuff !!! Got a few questions…

Since 2017, the use of DJI aircraft has been halted by all American military branches and the R1A sensor from Livox is a DJI spinoff. A negative stance toward Chinese technology is beginning to quickly permeate throughout AEC companies, law enforcement and other U.S. federal agencies due to last year’s tariffs, bans against Huawei and this mentality is only being further exacerbated by COVID-19.

What other aircraft and sensor technologies are being actively considered regarding hardware offerings from Rock Robotic?

Additionally, what contingencies have been considered regarding competitors like DroneDeploy with a similar software processing pipeline with well-established customer base?

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Eh Eye

Those are all excellent questions!

We are very aware of the negative stance to Chinese technology within the US right now. The R1A is designed, manufactured, and assembled in the US. The most important component of the device, the IMU/INS, is also manufactured in the US. We are very focused on delivering the best possible product and experience to our customers at a price that allows more people to use LiDAR.

We are continuously reviewing other components, including the sensor, to build a product that our customers will love.

Drone deploy is great! We use it for our photogrammetry work. If we can give our customers a great experience from before the LiDAR payload is attached to the drone all the way through when the deliverables are in their hand – then we will also earn a loyal customer base.

I hope this answers your questions!