15 Mile Corridor Scan

Hey all,
I’ve never done a corridor project before and I just took a last minute job for a 15 mile distribution line scan. The only thing they’re interested in is the sag and tower locations. I am currently on DJI Pilot, with the RS2 base station. I’ve been told the base station has a range of ~10km, so we plan on setting the base station up 2-3 times and going down and back a couple miles in both directions each time.

Any tips on flight planning for this project? Any and all advice is appreciated.

Ground Control Points to verify your data is very, very helpful.

Try using Map Pilot Pro. Versus DJI Pilot, its far superior.

Depending on your appetite for risk, location and topography, you should be able to punch one mile in each direction from each set-up.

When I did my first scans, I did not pay enough attention to the overlap on my flights and as a result, I missed some of the actual wires (they just did not scan)… so make sure your overlap is tight. Run a small test section to perfect your mission planning.

Depending on your level of skill, you may be better to hand fly the corridor, to keep your overlap tight and avoid navigation hassles. We use a combination of both autopilot and human pilot. Each has advantages.

Moving your base station is a good idea. Do you know your set-up points? If you do, it will speed up your life. If not, please consider having these points established before you head out. Last thing you want to do is provide faulty height/sag calculations.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll definitely look into Map Pilot Pro, I’ve heard DJI Pilot is more of a crutch than anything. The surveyor is providing some easily identifiable GCPs along the whole route before we fly. Would you suggest we use the GCPs as control points or as known points for the base station?

You mentioned one mile in each direction, is the controller-drone connection the limiting factor? I figure we could do 2 miles out and back on 1 set of batteries. We will be able to follow the drone for a good portion of the corridor.

Your supplied GCPs can be used as both checks and to set your base on.
Planning in Map Pilot Pro is dirt simple and easy to control your survey/risk management.

My M300 gets sketchy at 3,200m (2 metric miles), so be careful. The limiting factor for distance in survey is your appetite for risk, how you manage YOUR regulations and what you had for lunch yesterday. What maybe good for me might cause someone else to have a panic attack, or vice versa!

btw: metric mile = 1,600m

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Sounds good, we’re going to give Map Pilot Pro a try, thanks for the recommendation.

Your feedback is much appreciated. I will let you know how it goes!

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