What data does the R1A deliver

We have received several questions about the data from the R1A. The R1A works with the ROCK cloud. Once uploaded our current supported outputs are:

  • LiDAR Data (.LAS)
  • Contours (.SHP)
  • Digital Elevation Model DEM (.GeoTiff)
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So there’s no offline option? We can’t take the raw data from the R1A and use it directly from the drone and process it without going through the cloud, is that correct?

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That is correct. The ROCK cloud is needed to convert the raw LiDAR data to a point cloud (las file).

How do I know my client’s data is secure using the Rock cloud?

At ROCK robotic we take our customer’s data security very seriously. Take a look at our full Platform and Data Security document for all the details.

In general, we rely heavily on industry standard approaches for hosting and securing data. All data is securely hosted and encrypted within Amazon Web Services (AWS). Users are granted access to this data via industry leading authentication provider Auth0 which requires two factor authentication. Additionally, we only grant internal access to customer data on an as-needed with a limited scope and duration basis for purposes such as Quality Control.

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