R2A Scope/Bid Questions

Does the R2A meet this requirement?

  1. LIDAR Acquisition
  • Provide LIDAR data for all requested Substations or ROW (Transmission or Distribution) at a level of 100 points per meter in any of the following format delivered in Eversource specified format to Eversource specified location.

@Lgeren The R2A can hit 100 points per meter no problem. (Some have hit 1700 pts per meter… not on purpose…)

It all depends on how fast and how high you fly.

But, for instance, your project “Flight 1 for Classification” has a density of 495 pts / square meter. If you fly at that same height / speed, you should have no problem.


@Alex Thanks.

For those wondering my bread and butter flying power lines has been.
200ft AGL
Single Pass.

I’m sure we all are dealing with Terms and Conditions on bids and this will be a great place to bounce questions off each other.

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Do you have any gems shared in your Rock Stars account?

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Hey Matt,
I am on just the pro plan. Rock Star access is on Business I do believe.