PCMaster 2.2.0 - Failed to Process GNSS

Updated to new PCMaster version and attempted to rebuild a project I had opened with the RTK pcap file first. Created new project and opened the Data files. It gets past the point of prompting for the base file, does one scan of the GNSS file and then gets stuck here (screenshot).


The unpacking report shows that it successfully found all necessary files, I believe.

The most common cause for seeing this message is the wrong base station file was selected and there isn’t overlap in the time that the base station collected data and the LiDAR collected data. Double check that the correct base station file was selected.

Ok, I’ll double check the file from CORS.

@Harrison that was it! Only difference was requesting the observation in GMT this time versus -5GMT for the first file. :man_shrugging:

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@RSI_Eric Perfect! You should start a thread on how to get CORS data :wink: and share your process :grin:

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