M300 Firmware Update

Per DJI:

In the M300 RTK firmware released on March 14, the battery firmware contained some modules that might affect the charging process.

The latest firmware released on May 11 fixes the problem. Please notify users to upgrade as soon as possible.

  1. Problem Description The previous M300 RTK battery firmware modules (shown in the table below) had the problem of probabilistic failure to charge. As a result, the battery’s LED indicators 12 & 34 will flash alternately. And, after inserting the batteries into the battery station, the station’s indicator will flash yellow.

  2. Solution The problem is caused by a bug in the previous firmware, and updating to the latest firmware can solve the problem. Module The firmware with battery problem (released on March 14) Latest firmware (released on May 11) Aircraft v03.01.00.14 v04.00.01.11 Battery Station v03.00.01.01 v04.00.01.02 Battery v01.02.05.40 v01.02.05.43 3.

Firmware Update Aircraft (Use DJI Pilot) a)Ensure that there is good connection between the aircraft and remote controller, and that all the devices are powered on.
b)Go to the app. A prompt will appear if new firmware is available for download. Follow the on-screen instructions to update the firmware. Make sure to connect to the internet when downloading the firmware. Battery station & Battery (Use Remote Controller) Use DJI Pilot App to update firmware of the Battery Station as well as up to 8 TB60 flight batteries at the same time.
a)Insert the batteries into the Battery Ports and turn on the Battery Station.
b)Connect the Battery Station to the remote controller using a USB-C cable.
c)Turn on the remote controller and make sure it is connected to the Internet.
d)Run the DJI Pilot app, go to HMS page.
e)Tap to enter the firmware update page.
f)Tap the update all button and wait for about 10 minutes to complete the firmware upgrade.

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